Kilroy’s Sports Bar New Patio

MINI DOME Kilroy’s mini dome is up now! One of the most innovative patio enclosure in the Midwest, The Cabreeze™ is here for our patrons to enjoy the patio year round. This enclosure has a sliding wall system and retractable roof, which allows us to have an open air patio when the weather is nice or […]

Give me a [thermal] break!

Thermally broken or separated material is used over conditioned space and is energy efficient. In just a few weeks we’ll be sharing photos of our first thermally separated Cabreeze™ roof. A Thermally Separated Cabreeze™ allows this particular restaurant the versatility of turning their main dining room into an outdoor space, with outdoor sounds and outdoor […]

Proven Cabrio process

A Cabreeze™ is an excellent, low-risk way to turn your seasonal patio into a 4 Season Patio. Once you have determined you’d like to have a retractable patio structure, it can be challenging to figure out how to get from Point A (sans Cabreeze™) to Point B (Cabreeze™). The following is a simple guide to explain […]

Favorite fall drinks

This fall, give your taste buds a chance to enjoy the season! Fall is the time of year for chilly mornings wrapped in wool blankets, warm afternoons playing outside and harvesting garden goodies. And, naturally, drinking fall beverages. Here are some tasty fall drinks, what are your favorite fall beverages? Pumpkin Spider Drink Ingredients 2 […]

How many Illinois patio days?

The average IL patio will seat guests less than 24% of each year! As a lover of the outdoors, I tend to request patio seating as often as possible when I go out to eat. And that’s Cabrio’s Creation Story too: a longing gaze towards the outdoor patio and all those empty tables on a chilly, rainy […]

A short story, from stress to profit!

As a small business owner, Jim* knew exactly what he was losing in revenue the days it rained on his patio. And the months during the winter when it was too cold. And when the wind blew too hard. And when it was humid or the mosquitos swarmed. Every night as he closed up the […]

Add outdoor seating with glass enclosure

Restaurant adding outdoor seating evening in the winter with glass enclosure AUGUST 26, 2013 | SIOUX FALLS, SD By Brenda Wade Schmidt A Sioux Falls Brazilian restaurant is adding seating by installing a removable glass enclosure over its patio. Todd Burns, general manager of Carnaval Brazilian Grill at 2401 S. Carolyn Ave., said the glass […]

How to plan for a new patio

If you’re a restaurant owner, it’s only natural to want a patio for yourself. Outdoor patios tend to draw in a younger crowd, a crowd that dresses up and leaves the house for sunsets outside with friends. It’s hard to deny patio season is in full swing in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Restaurants are advertising on […]

Do something you’ve never done

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. – Mark Twain Your 3rd step toward Outthinking the Outdoors™ will spark fear in the toughest tattooed Hells Angel (commonly considered the most notorious biker gang). Step 3: Do Something You’ve Never Done If a short distant runner […]

Adjust your sails!

Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece. – Ralph Charell Your second step in Outthinking the Outdoors™ is important to creating a successful, energetic 4-season life for your patio and your restaurant. Step 2: Adjust your Sails Do you still operate your business the same exact way today as […]

Saying yes! open up to the possibilities

When we put down our ideas of perfection or ideas of the norm, then we are free to wholeheartedly say YES which opens endless possibilities. Welcome to our first “how to” blog post in our guide to converting your Good-Weather-Only patio to an All Year Round patio. Pay attention, this first step toward Outthinking the […]

4 tips to increase your patio revenue without increasing the size of your patio

Do you have an outdoor patio that could work harder for your restaurant business? A patio that sits empty when rough, severe or unfriendly weather passes through your sky? Imagine the freedom, peace of mind and sense of security you’d feel if you could guarantee 4 seasons of comfortable patio weather for your patrons. Imagine […]

What are your clients saying?

A restaurant’s guests gave us their opinion of dining in the Cabreeze™; you might be surprised with their responses! Almost exactly one year ago, employees of Cabrio Structures were working in the warm (for Minnesota, that is) weather to make sure Pat Boemer’s patio could be opened for St Patrick’s Day. There was snow on […]

New Years Resolution: patio all year round

Cabreeze™ owners are already keeping their patio open all year round because of these 3 factors! Sun and beaches are a distant memory for most of the contiguous United States. For the past few months we’ve been experiencing a constant decrease in temperature with an increase in the number of layers worn outside. Winter weather […]

Cabrio Structures won IFAI award | December 13, 2012 By Galynn Nordstrom On Thursday morning, Nov. 8th, the first-ever ShowStoppers awards were distributed on the show floor to this year’s eight winners: Applied DNA Sciences, Cabrio™ Structures, Carlson Design, Consew®, King Tech Industry Corp., Sommers Plastic Products, Thomson Research Associates and Xtreme Seal. From a total of 84 products […]