Kilroys New Patio


Kilroy’s mini dome is up now! One of the most innovative patio enclosure in the Midwest, The Cabreeze™ is here for our patrons to enjoy the patio year round. This enclosure has a sliding wall system and retractable roof, which allows us to have an open air patio when the weather is nice or an enclosed area during inclement weather. This new mini dome structure enable Kilroy’s to provide an exciting patio experience for our guests in all four seasons!


During perfect weather, Kilroy’s Sports patio is full with activity all night. But when harsh weather clouds out the sun, people tend to go with the protection provided by walls and a roof…all that will change.

Our patio has a retractable roof like Lucas Oil Field!

The multi-stacking automatic opening roof is the solution for this kind of problem; the roof has mechanical segments that can be adjusted to provide the most comfort for guests all-day and all-night. The structure also takes away the damaging effects of UV rays of the sun to the skin, rain or shine, Kilroy’s Sports patio will continue to provide a pleasant environment for every individual, whether they desire an indoor or outdoor feel.


The dome is up now and in high demand for private events. Contact Sports to reserve your private party, bachelor/ette party, company, Greek party, reunion, for any and all occasions.