Welcome at Cabrio Structures, where we make outdoor spaces as flexible as your weekend plans. We are all about retractable roofs that combine function and style like peanut and butter. Here’s how you can dive into our world:

  • Check out our cool gear. Explore our line up of opening walls or retractable roofs that range from backyard comfort to downtown swager. Our products are more than simply covering your space; they are about durability and longevity that will outlast your Spotify playlist.
  • Hunt down your local hero. Find an authorized Cabrio Structure dealer. Someday we’ll have a snazzy finding system, but today you can simply call (715) 426-4000 or email info@cabriostructures.com and we’ll personally find your outdoor roof whisperer. They’ll guide you through the entire process from initial visit through installation and maybe even have a few tips on patio parties.
  • Let’s talk, Sunshine. Ready to jump into your outdoor space? Reach out to our dealer, schedule a chat. They’ll swing by and cook up a plan that takes into account your budget and vibe.

At Cabrio Structures, we are all about transforming spaces into weather resistant oases! Get in touch with us today and let’s make your roof retractably awesome.


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