Thermal Break

Thermally broken or separated material is used over conditioned space and is energy efficient.

In just a few weeks we’ll be sharing photos of our first thermally separated Cabreeze™ roof. A Thermally Separated Cabreeze™ allows this particular restaurant the versatility of turning their main dining room into an outdoor space, with outdoor sounds and outdoor breezes while still keeping their indoor restaurant.

what is thermal break?

Thermally separated material is energy efficient, meeting energy codes while still protecting your indoor space from rain, snow and all the normal inclement weather worries.

Using thermally separated material in our retractable roof is similar to a thermally separated garage door: some doors use a higher R-rating insulation, allowing a garage building to retain heat during the winter and stay cooler in the summer.

In addition to being an energy efficient way to bring the outdoors to your customers, thermal break can have sound deadening effects.

the takeaway message

Even if you don’t have an outdoor patio, you can have an outdoor space!

What would the impact of a retractable roof be on your business?