The average IL patio will seat guests less than 24% of each year!

As a lover of the outdoors, I tend to request patio seating as often as possible when I go out to eat. And that’s Cabrio’s Creation Story too: a longing gaze towards the outdoor patio and all those empty tables on a chilly, rainy day… and the cold plastic pager in hand, waiting for an empty table at a popular restaurant.

I lived in Chicago from January until March one year and walked – or took the ‘L’ train – from the Financial District  up to the Merchandise Mart each day to work. I felt that Chicago was the Windy City, but until today I didn’t know to what extent!

Do you know (and I’m sure you Chicagoans do) that there are less than 89 days of actual decent weather where a person might eat on a patio without getting their food blown away, rained on, snowed on, rebaked or frozen midway to the mouth?

On average, Chicago has 126 days of precipitation, 18 days with temperatures greater than 90F, and 132 days with temperatures below 32F. As far as windy days, the annual average is 10 mph which means hair and clothes are photo-shoot ready but you’ll probably get a surprise bonus with your next bite of Chicago pizza.

I didn’t quite experience Chicago’s patio weather when I lived there, but I caught a sneak peak of sunny evenings as the temperatures rose over 40F some days and the bitter wind died down a bit.

There is excitement on an outdoor patio that indoor seating can’t quite accomplish, which seems to bring people out of the woodwork. People stay longer and seem to enjoy themselves more.

For less than 89 days per year.  What if you could keep the buzz going all 365 days per year?

Being outdoor enthusiasts, we have a saying:


We believe you should expect more from your patio. Demand more out of your patio!

The revenue you get on your patio during perfect weather days? Grab your calculator and multiply that by 4. Now, what if you could expect that on your patio year in, year out.


Many restaurant owners who install Cabrio® Architectural Solutions not only see a sharp rise in receipts. They also discover they’re able to pay off their investment in a matter of years. Thanks to independently moving roof and wall sections, you can optimize your guest’s experience, which means more happy customers and more repeat business. Contact Rob, your Illinois salesperson, for more info and a proposal. And ask about our new financing packages, which is one more way we can cover you.

Beck Anderson is wordsmith and social media guru at Cabrio Structures. She loves hearing from you, so join the conversation on facebook.