Proven Cabrio Process

A Cabreeze™ is an excellent, low-risk way to turn your seasonal patio into a 4 Season Patio.

Once you have determined you’d like to have a retractable patio structure, it can be challenging to figure out how to get from Point A (sans Cabreeze™) to Point B (Cabreeze™). The following is a simple guide to explain the Proven Cabrio Process, and allow you to be on your way to working in harmony with the outdoors.


As soon as you have the slightest inkling of interest in a retractable Cabreeze™, request an estimate! It’s a free service we offer, and takes a few minutes of your time. After you finish filling out your Estimate Request you’ll need to e-mail photos of your project, close ups and long shots, and size requirements.

Needs Analysis. After your estimate request is received, we have a conversation to analyze your needs. It doesn’t pay for us to give someone on the Equator an estimate for a snow load certified beast of a Cabreeze™ (this has not happened, nor does it need to!). So what causes you the most pain on your patio? Rain? Snow? Wind? Security? Flexibility? Beauty?

Here you’ll receive an estimate range for your Cabreeze™ and it could be a good time to request financing for your project.

2. DESIGN PROPOSAL ~ 3 weeks

The next step, after you determine to go ahead with your retractable patio structure, is to plan a site visit and analyze your needs in person. Afterwards we work on assessing the permit situation for your project, concept drawingsfloor plansproject time line and we calculate your Return On Investment (ROI).

Finally, we create a detailed design proposal with an exact Cabrio Structure price (including Sub Contractor allowances). The Design Proposal costs $1850, which is applied toward your purchase price.


Next, is the permitting and structural engineering. We work with each project with make the transition as flawless and the least time consuming as possible. Your Cabreeze™ components move through fabrication, finishing and assembly and finally, delivery and installation.

Some of these activities can run along side each other to speed up your timeline.


After your Cabreeze™ is installed, you’ll receive maintenance instructions for your structure are able to enjoy it to the fullest. Each Cabreeze™ has a 1 Year Warranty (12 months) from date of installation and the required labor and material costs are covered.

The Takeaway Message:

A typical Cabreeze™ installation has been averaging 17 weeks from date of Estimate Request but can take as long as 32 weeks or as little time as 15 weeks.

A Cabreeze™ is an excellent, low-risk way to turn your seasonal patio into a 4 Season Patio. We’re easy to work with and we put our customers first. Request a Free Estimate today!

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