patioWe don’t like empty patios and full restaurants with long lines of hungry patrons. We’ve been there, and it’s not fun.

It’s not fun to be the patron with pager in hand, waiting for an empty table.

It’s not fun for you, the restaurant owner, knowing that just one day earlier you could seat an extra 20+ people at the same time.

So it feels good to see a patio full of happy, satisfied, loyal patrons. The sun is shining brighter and longer each day, and even when that ball of fire sinks below the horizon it’s warm outside. And so your patrons linger over their drinks and dessert, talking and laughing and playing games on your outdoor patio late into the summer evening.

And, because we learn to live in the moment, you can be happy and feel good about today. Your career as a restaurant owner or manager is paying off and you feel what you are doing in life is serving a purpose. You’re firing on all cylinders; your patio is full and your restaurant is full and all is well.

And then announces a week of high winds.

Or a rainy spell.

Monsoon season?

Maybe high winds and rain.

And you think… if only there was a way to protect my patio from the weather. Like walls and roofs that open and close.

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