folding walls that turn living space into an indoor / outdoor space

Cabrio Structures Opening Wall Systems can stack, slide or fold depending on the space and layout of your project. Our opening wall systems range from simple to deluxe and each opening wall option is flexible enough to keep inclement weather from ruining patio experiences. Block wind, noise, snow, and more with an energy efficient Folding Wall System. Sliding Wall Systems are capable of spanning long distances, practical, and easy to operate. Frameless Wall Systems offer stunning, almost uninterrupted, views of the outdoors. Whatever opening wall system you chose for your space, we will ensure you can open and close them to create ultimate comfort in your space.

Combine your favorite Opening Wall System with one of our Fixed or Retractable Roof Systems for the ultimate in elegance and flexibility!

Note: every Cabreeze™ structure is unique and design-to-order to fit individual projects. Use these drawings and photos as examples and not accurate or exact options.