Cabrio {retracting, opening} Structures was founded in 2009 by Kent Forsland and began as a movement to enable restaurants to continue seating guests on their patio even during inclement weather.

The story behind Cabrio Structures begins in 2008 with a company called Designer Doors.

Kent Forsland, nicknamed The Father of the Carriage-House Door Movement, founded Designer Doors in 1986 and grew the company to nearly a 20 million dollar success by the time he sold it to the employees in 2006. Along with the stunningly beautiful garage doors, Designer Doors produced driveway gates, entrance and service doors, garden gates and shutters that complimented the house in a “harmonious” way leading to the trademark, Architectural Harmony™. Part of the success of the company is due to the values of fairness and respect, innovation (in fact, several patents were granted in this old industry) and the open book “Great Game of Business” concept.

In 2008, Kent retired from Designer Doors, planning to spend more time in the sky with his airplane, an experimental Glasstar Sportsman 2+2 he built in 2007. A few months later in the colder months, Kent and wife, Diane, were waiting for their restaurant pager to buzz on a cool winter day in Sedona, Arizona when Kent noticed the spacious outdoor patio rendered unusable.

Kent began noticing more unusable out-door patios connected to restaurants, sometimes abandoned for the season and sometimes covered with unappealing temporary structures crudely designed to keep seating customers. If only there was an architecturally appealing structure with retractable ceilings and walls designed to shorten wait lists and lengthen the patio season. The idea kept growing in Kent’s mind.

Sunroom, patio cover, pergola, awning, pool cover, Florida room, sun porch: we’ve been called all of these but, we aren’t any one of them, we’re all of them! Cabrio Structures designs, manufactures and installs retracting roofs and opening walls to enable restaurants, homeowners and the hospitality industry to spend more time in the outdoors.