You want to be able to be full to capacity during high-traffic sections of the day like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Naturally.

And wouldn’t it be nice to count on your outdoor patio for those high-traffic periods too?

All too often, we hear of restaurant owners express dissatisfaction in having little or no control over the availability of their outdoor patio. One such restaurant owner would check every morning before opening the restaurant, and then take a gamble on whether “40% chance of rain” would actually amount to anything at all. If it did rain, there was no room inside to move the patio guests.

On the other hand, if they decided not to open the patio, people were turned away at the door because of the popularity of their restaurant.

Hope Rules: the 4-season patio

A Detroit restaurant is one of Cabrio Structures’ current projects:

Located on the northwest corner of the One Detroit Center building, the restaurant will cover nearly 8,000 square feet…

The greenhouse-like structure with a pitched, retractable glass roof and moveable walls will bring the city a new kind of dining excitement, [Restaurateur Jeremy Sasson] said. “We wanted to create a very vibrant experience — one that didn’t exist here,” he added.

In good weather, the roof and walls can be opened to create an open-air dining space serving lunch and dinner seven days a week. But even on cold or rainy days, guests will still be able to dine in comfort with an unobstructed view of the cityscape.

The glass structure will be the restaurant’s main dining room and feature indoor-style furnishings and finishes, rather than rattan or other typical patio materials. From inside the restaurant, Sasson said, the glass room and the bar area will blend seamlessly into each other.

Resource: Detroit Free Press

One of our Minnesotan Cabreeze™ structures, located at Eden Avenue Grill, posted photos of their outdoor Four Season Patio which is a local, innovative attraction even during Minnesota’s famed snowy winters.

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