Please Note: Zzest is now Hot Chip Burger Bar

Stress. Every morning, Jerry or LeeAnn Zubay checked the weather report to determine if opening the patio was worth the risk. If they risked opening the patio and if the sky opened on Zzest’s outdoor diners, there was no room inside to move those guests. On the other hand, if they decided not to open the patio, people were turned away at the door. Zzest had more demand than indoor seating capacity, so it was great to have an outdoor patio. But when the weather was bad, the patio was unusable, and Zzest couldn’t fit all their guests inside.

And then Jerry and LeeAnn found Cabrio Structures.

Zzest opted for a 3-season patio without opening walls:

Their Cabreeze™ is unique in that all the roof segments are able to roll to one end of the frame or the other.


Stress-free! The Cabreeze™ retractable roof removed the daily anxiety of gambling with the weather. Now Jerry and LeeAnn can book events confidently, without worrying about a backup plan. Zzest chose to install only a roof without walls. The heaters are robust enough to ensure a 3 season patio.

Profit. Business is up dramatically year over year.


“The main benefit of the Cabreeze™ is that I don’t have to study the weather every day before we open the patio. Our restaurant is so popular, if I gambled wrong with the weather, I’d have nowhere to put those people.” ~ Jerry Zubay, owner. 


Hot Chip Burger Bar