I’m writing today about something new and thrilling! You might remember the Thermally Broken or Separated Cabreeze™ blog post a few months ago. It’s the concept that a building can have conditioned space (interior heated and/or cooled space) that can open to the outdoors. Today it’s a real life concept!

Thermally Separated Cabreeze Inside

You might be wondering… inside dining room or outdoor veranda?


In metropolitan areas, outdoor space is a hot commodity: unused horizontal space sells at a premium and with rain and wind and cool weather, it’s hard to justify a patio that can only be used 40-60 days per calendar year.

So Crooked Pint Ale House in Apple Valley, MN did something that has never been done before: they added a Cabrio Structures’ thermally separated retractable Cabreeze™ to their new build.

Crooked Pint’s roof and wall system is one-of-a-kind. We basically built their ceiling and exterior wall . . .  with one dramatic benefit: everything is retractable.

Thermally Separated Cabreeze.jpg

We believe that if you’re going to have a patio at all, you might as well use it 365 days each year.

Benefits for Crooked Pint:

  • indoor dining room (or, depending on your viewpoint, the outdoor patio space) becomes larger
  • open patio 365 days per year
  • dining room 365 days per year
  • 100% guaranteed dry interior/exterior space
  • energy efficient
  • sound deadening
  • Earth friendly

Benefits for Crooked Pint’s patrons:

open patio 365

Patio Season, 365 days per year! Every Day Of The Year. 

Vitamin D during the summer AND winter. Plus, protection from harmful UV rays.

vit d open patio 365