With a Cabreeze™, your patio can continue being profitable and your patrons can enjoy the outdoors all year round.

As summer draws to a close, kids are back in school, mornings are crisp, trees are already turning vibrant colors of red, yellow and orange and (too soon!) will be crunching underfoot.

The Fall Season offers gorgeous afternoons, but the bitter mornings and evenings can discourage even the most thick-skinned Minnesotan from staying outside.

In past seasons, how has your restaurant patio held up to the weather? When does the weather start driving your patrons indoors? Whether it’s the first frost or the first snowfall, at some point your patio will no longer prove profitable for you.

Which is where we at Cabrio Structures want to help. With a Cabreeze™, your patio can continue being profitable and your patrons can enjoy the outdoors all year round without turning into Frosty the Snowman.

10 Benefits of Owning a Cabrio Structure:

1. Most restaurants experience a ROI of less than 1 year if the demand is greater than the current capacity.

A Minnesotan Winter could last four to five months. Would you profit from having your patio open two months earlier and later in the season? Says Pat from Patrick McGovern’s Pub in Saint Paul, MN: ”Because of my new Cabreeze, my restaurant had a 20% growth in August over the previous year. In the 30 years we’ve had the restaurant open, and through all our big remodeling projects, we’ve never experienced a 20% bump in sales.”

2. Utilize your patio all four seasons.

In the Fall and during the Winter, heat and cover to protect from the cold, snow and sleet. During the Spring, close the Retractable Roof to protect from rain while keeping the Opening Walls unclosed. In the Summer, close your retractable patio system to protect against wind, rain, sun, and bugs. Year Round Guaranteed Great Weather, 24/7/365™.

3. Allow all patrons to enjoy the outdoors with protection from harmful UV rays.

Some of your potential patio patrons are particularly susceptible to sunburns and cannot be exposed to direct sun for too long. Benefit all your patrons’ skin cells by closing your UV-protected Retractable Roof, which can allow everyone to enjoy outdoor leisure.

4. Protect your patio from theft.

Our Opening Wall Systems having locking mechanisms that keep would-be thieves at bay. And no more pulling patio chairs and tables inside at the end of a long work day!

5. Stable patio-shading device.

Shade umbrellas get blown over in the wind; our outdoor patio structures are built solid and strong so wind is of no concern. No more serving trays being strewn in an impetuous blast of air and no more worrying about customers’ safety. A Cabrio Structure provides insurance from windy weather.

Own an attractive patio structure.

As one of our first restaurant customer’s commented, no matter how they dressed up their tent, it was still a tent. No matter if your patio is bare, has umbrellas, a wood structure or a plastic tent, a Cabrio Structure can jump your game up a notch.

Custom manufactured to fit your specific situation and environment.

We know each restaurant will have a unique situation, so we custom manufacture our outdoor patio enclosures. That means you’re in charge of your design.

Electric retractable roof opener.

You can chose to physically move your roof, or have an electric device installed so with the click of a button your roof opens and closes as the weather and you determine.

Limited one-year warranty.

When your installation is finished and you are Embracing the Outdoors™ in style, through all seasons and inclement weather, we are still committed to your success.

Made in the USA.

When you use Cabrio Structure to dress your patio, you are creating and keeping jobs in the United States.

Cabrio Structures also caters to residential or other commercial projects.

Join us in two weeks to look at general patio problems and concerns that a Cabrio Structure can help resolve.