When we put down our ideas of perfection or ideas of the norm, then we are free to wholeheartedly say YES which opens endless possibilities.

Welcome to our first “how to” blog post in our guide to converting your Good-Weather-Only patio to an All Year Round patio.

Pay attention, this first step toward Outthinking the Outdoors™ is crucial!

Step 1: Saying YES!

Ed Brown, founder of Green Restaurant in San Francisco, had a problem during his early days cooking at a retreat center. No matter what ingredients or recipes he tried, he couldn’t get his biscuits to come out right. His unreachable standard, as he discovered, was set on the Pillsbury biscuits he had “made” and created years earlier.

“Finally one day came a shifting-into-place, an awakening: not “right” compared to what? Oh, my word, I’d been trying to make canned Pillsbury biscuits! Then came an exquisite moment of actually tasting my biscuits without comparing them to some (previously hidden) standard. They were wheaty, flaky, buttery, ‘sunny, earthy, real’ … They were incomparably alive, present, vibrant – in fact, much more satisfying than any memory.” (Excerpt from Radical Acceptance, by Tara Brach, Ph.D.)

Have you felt the incredible liberation there is in saying yes? As Ed points out, when we stop comparing ourselves to some assumed standard of perfection (i.e. that an outdoor patio has to be closed and unusable when it snows), the “Pillsbury biscuits of today,” this very moment can be tasted and enjoyed to the fullest.

When we put down our ideas of perfection or ideas of the norm, then we are free to wholeheartedly say YES which opens endless possibilities.