Hey, don’t forget about us! “That’s what I wanted to do — bring some excitement to the air,” said Sam Cimino, restaurant manager. “Sometimes people forget Cimino’s is out here, but this is what I wanted to say — ‘Hey, don’t forget about us’ — and just bring something new to Freeport.”

So when Sam Cimino found Cabrio Structures, he jumped on the opportunity to upgrade his patio.

Cimino’s Little Italy chose a…


Buzz. Attention. Action. Interest. Cimino’s hosts the first structure of its kind in Illinois, installation completed in August 2014, so it’s too early to gauge what long-lasting results will be. However, the additional attention since Cimino’s Cabreeze™ opened is outstanding!

Year-round patio. Although it wasn’t Cimino’s main objective, the eatery is able to use their patio longer into the fall and earlier in the spring. And with the addition of heat, they will be able to use it year round.

Private Event Space. Another bonus for Cimino’s is that they are able to have additional private events. Plus their event space can be booked all year round.

In the News

“The atrium … is the first such structure of its kind in Illinois…” Journal Standard | August 14, 2014


Ciminos Little Italy