Unknown weather, wind, sun, rain, limited seating, patio theft: each solved by Cabreeze™.

If you’re a serious outdoor patio connoisseur, eventually you’ll start asking the question: “How do I deal with ________ (fill in your weather nightmare.)”

Type “retractable patio system” into a Google search bar and up pops a seemingly endless list of companies who want to resolve your weather woes. And this is where Cabrio Structures began: creating a product that enables restaurants to keep their patrons enjoying outdoor patios more months of the year. Thankfully, Cabrio Structures provides the solutions to many more patio worries!

Unable to book patio parties due to unknown weather?

You can enclose your patio and control your climate while maintaining the feeling of the openness because of our retractable roofs and opening walls. Our Clear Frameless Wall System provides the most visibility for the most outdoor enjoyment, just one way we are Outthinking the Outdoors™.

Concerned about winds overturning serving trays and umbrella stands?

Cabrio Structures wall system opens and closes separately from the roof system. This means on windy days, when most umbrella-clad patios are nearly empty save one lone, agitated server attempting to keep serving trays in a safe, horizontal position, your retractable roof can remain open while your closed walls keep out blustering winds.

Worried about sun burning patrons off your patio?

Approximately thirty minutes of noon sun per day provides healthy vitamin D, but what about your patrons with sensitive skin? Semi-retract your Cabrio Structures roof to offer a portion of your patio to the shade lovers while pleasing sun seekers alike.

Rain ruining your revenue? ™

Cloudy, chilly and rainy days are patio-wreckers. If your restaurant is already seating to capacity inside, how much more money would you make if you have guaranteed great weather year-round? How much more business could you do if you could seat on your patio 24/7/365?™

Small spaces capping your revenue?

Whether you have a crowded urban area or a wide-open patio, Cabrio Structures’ space-saving Sliding Wall System will ensure efficient use of your space and allow for the maximum amount of development on your restaurant patio.

Troubled by the threat of patio theft?

How much time do your employees spend every morning and evening transferring patio chairs and tables? Or do you use unsightly chains or simply risk your belongings every night? Cabrio Structures Opening Walls have a locking mechanism, which means a stress-free environment for management and employees alike.

Cabrio Structures also caters to residential and other commercial projects.