windy day

“I will never have another patio at my restaurant!”

These are the strong words a recent client once used. He promised himself he would never experience the frustrations of a patio again. That was until we met at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.

At that time, he was building a new restaurant using a proven concept, and a patio was certainly not part of his plans. He noted his patio frustrations: every day was a gamble with the weather, he never knew how much staff he would need, people would tie their experience with windy weather on the patio to their dining experience at his restaurant.

Too many times he saw reviews of his restaurant online: “no room inside so had to sit on the patio and it was too hot,” “felt like a wind tunnel on the patio,” “beautiful patio and great food…. prior to the rain.”

These stories are common during my conversations with restaurateurs. The proven solution? Cabreeze™. The Cabreeze™ allows restaurateurs to control the weather on their patios.

Take control of the experience you provide your guests!

Rob Duncan (aka ROI Accelerator) works with restaurants to help them leverage their resources into increased revenue. Rob’s day-to-day goal is helping successful restaurateurs provide additional capacity for their high demand and helping underperforming restaurants create buzz, and increase demand. If you desire to take control and improve the experience you provide your guests while making more money, contact Rob at 715-426-4000.