Garry’s Grill

Finding Success in Uncertain Times

Eddie Conway, the owner of Gary’s Grill and Catering in Severna Park, MD, has been making the best of the Coronavirus Pandemic. It has been stressful, but through adaptation and appreciation, Eddie has found success. When the Coronavirus restrictions first started, Eddie closed his business for two weeks. During this time he took the opportunity to give his restaurant a “facelift”. He renovated the floors, painted the walls, reupholstered the booths, and updated parts of the kitchen. Eddie also used this downtime to evaluate his customer needs and develop a business model that would pivot to meet them.

When Eddie reopened on April 2nd, his restaurant started offering curbside to-go and delivery. In addition, they started offering groceries for convenience rather than customers needing to visit big box grocery stores.

As this continues, Eddie continues to adapt and innovate. For Easter, the restaurant offered an Easter Dinner Package. Their idea was for customers to still enjoy an Easter dinner with “no muss or fuss”.

Like everyone during this time, they are doing everything they can to help others. Eddie recently started a “Give Back to the Front Line” program which enables customers to donate $5, $10, or $20 on top of their order. These donations are used to put together packages that are delivered to front line workers who have been working hard to provide valuable services to the community.

Through his hard work and adaptation, Eddie has been able to not only survive, but increase his gross revenue during this time! We are excited for his success and hope that all of you can find success during these uncertain times.

Eddie’s Cabrio Structure is shown below. His project is underway and will be installed this summer!


Garry’s Grill Concept Image:

Opening Patio Concept Image


Garry’s Grill Plan:

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