A restaurant’s guests gave us their opinion of dining in the Cabreeze™; you might be surprised with their responses!

Almost exactly one year ago, employees of Cabrio Structures were working in the warm (for Minnesota, that is) weather to make sure Pat Boemer’s patio could be opened for St Patrick’s Day.

There was snow on the ground and little flakes of snow in the air and the crane operator couldn’t park close enough to actually see the end of the crane, as he hoisted the main frame of the structure into the air.

But we had one goal, a unified vision: to cover that patio with a Cabreeze™, our retractable patio structure. So we worked together to achieve that goal.

And we were successful! Patrick McGovern’s patio was open in time for St. Patrick’s Day and drew quite a buzz.

Now, after being open through the summer, fall and into the winter, we came back to ask the patrons of McGovern’s Pub what they think about the Cabreeze™. This is the video of what they told us: