commercial garage door

Some people think an ordinary garage door on a restaurant will be just fine. It’s not. Not only are the exposed rails really unsightly, but also ordinary garage doors simply don’t have the integrity you need to keep your restaurant secure and clean.

You’ve seen the “cost cutting” strategy of installing cheap garage doors to get the benefit of a wall that will open. At that same place, you’ll find a patron with grease on their sleeve due to their chair being just a little too close the tracks. One will also notice (not every day but at least once a year) “junk” falling from the overhead tracks onto a guest’s plate. Not OK!

If what you’re after is a door for your restaurant that operates like a garage door, we’ll create exactly what you need.

Want to open your dining room to the outdoors?

Before you turn your dining room into a garage, give us a call and learn about the options that give you more functionality with an aesthetically pleasing way.

Cabrio {cab•rio: convertible, opening} Structures day-to-day goal is helping successful restaurateurs provide additional capacity for their high demand and helping underperforming restaurants create buzz, and increase demand. If you desire to take control and improve the experience you provide your guests while making more money, call us: 715-426-4000 or fill out a quote request.

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