• Hot Chip Burger Bar, MN

    Please Note: Zzest is now Hot Chip Burger Bar Stress. Every morning, Jerry or LeeAnn Zubay checked the weather report to determine if opening the patio was worth the risk. If they risked opening the patio and if the sky opened on Zzest’s outdoor diners, there was no room inside to move those guests. On […]

  • Patrick McGovern’s Pub, MN

    During perfect weather, Patrick McGovern’s patio is popular late into the nighttime hours. But when it rains, snows, or becomes too windy or too humid, the patio isn’t popular. “People don’t eat in the wind any more than they eat in the rain,” Pat Boemer, owner, says. Without a viable option for his patio, Pat accepted the […]

  • Cimino’s Little Italy, IL

    Hey, don’t forget about us! “That’s what I wanted to do — bring some excitement to the air,” said Sam Cimino, restaurant manager. “Sometimes people forget Cimino’s is out here, but this is what I wanted to say — ‘Hey, don’t forget about us’ — and just bring something new to Freeport.” So when Sam Cimino […]

  • Kilroys opening walls and opening roof structure for a year round patio

    Kilroy’s Bar & Grill, IN

    Bad weather during peak season. Kilroys’ clientele are college-aged adults who want a place to party with their friends during the school year. However, the school year is also during the coldest, wettest, windiest and generally most unpleasant time of the year to be outside. So the inside of Kilroys was packed with bodies while their patio […]

  • Al Vento, MN

    Weather. Al Vento Restaurant’s outdoor patio is a popular place to dine or have a drink after work in Minneapolis. But it didn’t stand a chance against rain or wind. Therefore, in the winter or many days during the Spring, Summer, and Fall when the weather was unappealing, the patio was often empty while the indoor […]

  • Lake Elmo Inn, MN

    Less than 3 months per year were decent patio days and Lake Elmo Inn wanted more time on their patio. And so John Schiltz installed a plastic tent to increase the amount of time Lake Elmo could seat patrons on their patio. However, no matter how many lights and decorations John hung on and around […]

  • Townhouse, MI

    The perfect blend of functionality and beauty. Townhouse in downtown Detroit, MI wanted a large structure to create an elegant outdoor dining room with the comfort of the indoors. This Cabrio Structure was designed to be the focal point of the restaurant. Positioned on a busy street, against a skyscraper, on the front of the […]