During perfect weather, Patrick McGovern’s patio is popular late into the nighttime hours. But when it rains, snows, or becomes too windy or too humid, the patio isn’t popular. “People don’t eat in the wind any more than they eat in the rain,” Pat Boemer, owner, says. Without a viable option for his patio, Pat accepted the loss of patrons and potential revenue as part of owning a restaurant in Minnesota.

Until Pat found Cabrio Structures.

In 2012, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Cabrio Structures installed McGovern’s Cabreeze™:

Even on perfect patio-weather days, McGovern’s guests prefer sitting in the shade, so Pat uses the automatic opener to adjust the roof segments throughout the day to provide the most comfort. The Cabreeze™ takes the harshness out of the sun and 99% of UV rays.


Year-round patio. Rain or shine, McGovern’s two-level patio is open whenever the restaurant is open. With infrared heaters and the ability to close the walls and roof at the slightest discomfort, the Cabreeze™ is a harbor for outdoor enthusiasts.

Profits. Business increased 20% over the previous year (after 6 months with the Cabreeze™), and Patrick McGovern’s Pub estimates the structure will pay for itself within 2 years. Pat attributes the increase in business to the buzz surrounding his new convertible patio structure and the ability to confidently book events on his outdoor patio.

Months after his first Cabreeze™ was installed, Patrick McGovern’s Pub added an enclosed breezeway to his restaurant.


“Year-to-date, we’re up 12% and, in August, up more than 20% over last year, which is the first time in 30 years of business we’ve had that high of monthly increase!” ~ Pat Boemer, owner.

In the News

“Patrick McGovern’s co-owner Pat Boemer said the pub’s planned Cabreeze™ would extend its patio season from three-plus months to eight or nine months a year while providing space for crowds from the nearby Xcel Energy Center.” ~ Star Tribune | September 4, 2011

“Over at Patrick McGovern’s, one of St. Paul’s best patios just got better. Last week, it debuted a new retractable roof. And this is no rinky-dink roof, either.

“The stone patio is now fully enclosed — like a shimmering glass house erected with wide steel beams. Here’s the cool part: The mechanized roof retracts like a mini football stadium. (Are you taking notes, Zygi?) Owner Pat Boemer thinks this expensive addition — built by a Wisconsin company called Cabrio — will add another six months to his outdoor business. The 20-foot-long heat lamps should keep things toasty, too.” ~ Star Tribune | March 16, 2012