A private oasis for fitness and health. When these Minnesota homeowners started looking into ways to stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors, they quickly realized there were challenges. In a Midwestern climate, the usability of outdoor spaces has a limited window. Building an indoor pool and exercise area would create a more functional space, but take away the fresh air and beauty of their private backyard. The perfect solution was a Cabrio Retractable Roof over their pool area. When the weather is nice, they enjoy all the fun and beauty of an outdoor pool. When the weather is uncooperative and throughout the winter months, they enjoy the comfort and convenience of an indoor pool. This allows them to enjoy their space year-round and, even more importantly, stay healthy year-round.

The Midwest Pool House uses:


Health. Having a private oasis right in their home that is always available for use (regardless of weather) allows them to enjoy regular activity. The homeowners regularly utilize the space for stress relief and physical fitness.

Year-Round Fun. They have tons of fun with their friends and family in their “indoor/outdoor pool” and enjoy healthiness disguised as fun.



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