Bad weather during peak season. Kilroys’ clientele are college-aged adults who want a place to party with their friends during the school year. However, the school year is also during the coldest, wettest, windiest and generally most unpleasant time of the year to be outside. So the inside of Kilroys was packed with bodies while their patio for 500 people was unused much of the time.

And then Kilroy’s discovered Cabrio Structures.

Kilroy’s enthusiasm for the outdoors meant they picked a:


Year-round patio. Kilroys’ guests can count on their favorite patio being open all year round.

Space. Inside Kilroys’ patio, there is enough space to seat many guests at tables and chairs and still have room for standing and dancing.

To date, Kilroy’s holds the record for Largest Cabreeze™ at 3,500 Square Feet.