lake elmo inn seating guests on their year round patio with fully retracting roof and opening walls

The Cabreeze product is a design-to-order retractable structure. Instead of coming into a project with a set of pre-designed specs and capabilities, we tend to stretch those capabilities with re-design to fit the requirements of the individual project. The result is that we have a bunch of individual designs that are certified by the engineering firms to handle the specific requirements of a certain project. That applies to everything from the type of foundation that the structure sits on all the way to the design of the extrusion beams themselves.


  • elevation, footings and frost walls, piers


  • columns mount to foundation, headers sleeve to the columns

Cabrio® Retractable Roof

  • header tracks, hold down brackets, overlapping of roof segments
  • building interfacing: parapet wall, wall gutters, ringlet flashing, etc.

Cabrio™ Opening Walls

  • U channel, locking pin, upper and lower tracks


  • standard openers, angling to an upper track