1. a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.
“a visionary leader”

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Our job gives us the opportunity to meet with a lot of creative people. The hospitality industry alone has its fair share of creative people but restaurateurs take the cake!

The nature of the business typically only allows the most creative and dedicated to succeed long term. Developing unique menu items, seating arrangements, and décor are just the beginning. The successful restaurateur knows the importance of being unique and drawing attention with regular updates, changes, and additions.

The visionary can take this a step further, knowing the creative solutions before they have been seen or discussed in a magazine. Last week we were on a trip to a small family restaurant in Illinois. They envisioned their new Cabreeze™ long before they had seen videos or concept images. They envisioned the value it will add and the additional revenue they will gain from the Cabreeze™. They envisioned all of this long before they met another Cabreeze™ owner.

Some say, if you are not first, you’re last. Do you want to be first in your market to reap the rewards of a Cabreeze™? Are you a visionary?

Cabrio {cab•rio: convertible, opening} Structures day-to-day goal is helping successful restauranteurs provide additional capacity for their high demand and helping underperforming restaurants create buzz, and increase demand. If you desire to take control and improve the experience you provide your guests while making more money, call us: 715-426-4000 or fill out a quote request.

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