The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the [walls of his patio]. ~William Arthur Ward

There are many elements that stop restaurant guests from dining on a restaurant’s patio. These elements are hard to measure, for example: wind. A soft breeze is beneficial and appealing on a patio, but a gusty wind makes eating very uncomfortable and annoying.

Cabrio Frameless Wall System allows for “breeze gaps,” which is simply pulling the glass wall segments close together but not touching. This allows restaurant employees to manage the weather more effectively for a better dining experience.

Frameless opening walls
Breeze Gaps at Moerlein Lager House – Cincinnati, OH

Since the wall segments move independently from the roof and from each other, you have 4 ways to control your patio weather:

1. large breeze gaps for a greater flow of air movement perfect for those gentle, breezy days
2. small breeze gapsinches, centimeters! — to control windsurfing-worthy winds
3. close wall 100% to heat or air condition your patio
4. open your walls all the way, stacking the wall sections on either end of the track

the takeaway message

With a frameless wall system, restaurants have ultimate control over the breeze on the outdoor patio.