Recently I was speaking with an events coordinator and he shared a couple tent related horror stories. At his location in NYC, they host a number of weddings. And, as an option, they offer the wedding party the use of a tent.

Flapping tent noise.

One wedding, the wind was so strong they couldn’t hear the officiator over the flapping of the tent roof and walls.

Dangerous winds.

Another bride thought she had her dream outdoor wedding “covered” when she ordered the tent, but the wind was so strong at the beginning of the ceremony that they needed to move to an indoor location.

Notice the events coordinator didn’t even start talking about rain yet?

This NYC event location turns down about 30 weddings each winter because snow load tent options are rare and not effective and you have to hire a crew to take them down.

And besides, where are you going to store a tent during the off season?

Now, with the Cabreeze™, this restaurant will be able to guarantee the bride perfect weather and safety.  With the push of a button, the outdoor-wedding is given the protection from the elements as needed while still providing a safe outdoor feel.

Aesthetically and environmentally pleasing, it is hard to imagine booking an outdoor wedding without the security of a Cabreeze™.

Do you want to provide an outdoor dining experience for your guests regardless of the weather? If so, don’t cast a shadow over your patio with a tent, give us a call.

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