Mix & Match

With multiple opening walls, retractable roofs, and frames,
every patio structure has the ability to be a unique, aesthetically pleasing structure.


Does rain, snow or intense sunshine cause your patio to sit empty? Do your umbrellas fall over or make a lot of noise when it’s windy? Do you wish your patio was a stargazing destination? A retractable roof will solve your problems allowing you to be worry-free and have peace of mind.

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Do strong winds or insects cut down on your patio’s popularity? Do you wish you could shut out loud street noise at night when you’re aiming for a romantic dinner? Do you wish you could monitor and control the wind on your patio? Opening walls will enable noise and wind control on your patio and give you the opportunity to crack your walls open for a soft breeze.

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Do you use umbrellas on your patio and do you worry they’ll fall over in a strong gust of wind? Is the noise of your plastic tent taking away from your patio atmosphere?  The frame is the support structure on which the retracting roof and/or opening walls operate. If the existing frame is strong enough, no frame is needed.

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Receipts are up 26%. Smiles up 100%.

Peace of mind
4 season comfort

Indoor/outdoor space
Site-specific & cutting-edge design
Ultimate weather control

Our entire product line is specific to the site and the entertaining needs of each customer. Our retractable structures are easy to use, some are maintenance-free and most can be locked to provide security for patio furniture and pools.

Our patent-pending design allows for opening walls and roof that operate independently of each other, which means our guests have the most control over their outdoor space.

Imagine the freedom and peace of mind of not worrying about bad weather, about re-setting tables or moving guests every time a rain shower comes through. Envision the comfort of knowing there are no umbrellas to blow over or high winds tossing platters of food and drinks.

Relax and serve your guests with the knowledge that everything is under control. Embrace the Outdoors™ in comfort and style.