Our “Daily Special?” Repeat customers.

Cabrio Structures is a manufacturer of patio enclosures using unique patented retractable roof and opening wall systems. From restaurant patios to residential homes; upscale hotels to golf courses; aquatic centers to city parks; shopping centers to health clubs, we specialize in turning your seasonal spaces into four-season attractions so you can enjoy More Outside, More Often™.

Bring on the weather. Bring in the customers.

Cabrio Structures is founded on the ideas of openness and transparency. Our structures open to embrace the beauty of the outdoors and most structures are transparent to fully enjoy the outdoors even when the roof and walls are tightly closed. We believe in open and clear communications within the company, with our customers and our suppliers.

Why Cabrio Structures?

Using a Cabrio Structures retractable enclosure for commercial use will generate more revenue during cold, rain, sleet, wind and various inclement weather fronts. Because the walls and roof open individually, there are many ways to optimize customers’ experience. Homeowners can use a Cabrio Structure to enjoy the outdoors and associated activities more often. With a Cabrio Structure, you can utilize outdoor areas of your home or business all year long.


By using highly skilled workmanship and superior materials, Cabrio Structures is able to ensure each custom designed structure meets top-notch standards for accuracy. Whether it’s our polycarbonate roof, glass panels or aluminum or steel support system, we work with the best local suppliers to ensure the best materials are used in all Cabrio Structures products. We are easy and straightforward to work with, allowing a turnkey installation or working with customer’s general contractors to create a satisfying experience. When installation is finished and you are Embracing the Outdoors™ through all seasons and weather disturbances, Cabrio Structures is committed to you: all products come with a one-year limited warranty.