cabrio structures retractable patio ribbon cutting

Cabrio Structures is dedicated to making sure each restaurant starts off on the right foot with their new retracting roof and opening walls.

Each Cabreeze™ is custom made to fit the exact requirements of your patio needs, and we think that’s quite the accomplishment. Without any further steps, you’re now able to seat guests on your outdoor patio more than ever before!

But we don’t stop there.

Once your Cabreeze™ is installed to your liking, we offer a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to create even more buzz and excitement.

What is a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony?

An open house where the roof actually opens!

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is the opportunity for you to invite your guests, your family and complete strangers to celebrate the official Grand Opening of your patio structure. It’s your chance to shine and show the world — or at least your city — that you can take patio reservation 24/7/365. (No need to have a Backup Rain/Wind Plan for our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!)

It’s our way of creating more buzz and excitement and media coverage around your restaurant!