Opening Roofs on Rooftops!

Cabrio Structures ensure maximum enjoyment of prime locations, like rooftop patios!

Cabrio (a European word for Convertible or Open) is now Opening Roofs on rooftops! The importance of Outthinking the Outdoors is even more important when your space is elevated on a rooftop. While the views tend to be breathtaking, the investment for a rooftop dining, patio or swimming pool space is typically more expensive than on a ground-level. Don’t let weather drive guests away. With a Cabrio Retractable Roof Structure, you will enjoy independence from the weather. Think of the financial impact of being able to offer guests a unique rooftop dining experience whatever the weather. Simply put; “Any weather is rooftop weather with a Cabrio Structure”.


Cabrio structures provide a strategy for any weather condition:

Windy and warm = close the walls and open the roof

Warm with light rain = close the roof and open the walls

Warm early spring day = close the walls and soak up the sun through the open roof

Cold or Rainy = close everything and turn on the heat

The options for creating the perfect environment are endless!


The Retractable Cabrio Roof is available in several options including traditional roofs with eave overhangs, fully retractable, partially opening, or other specific site goals. Translucent glazing materials include glass or polycarbonate with options for tinting and texture.


Cabrio Opening Wall Systems also come in many options to fulfill the most exquisite site requirements. Often the opening walls have heights up to 10 feet and a span over 20 feet.


Contact us for ideas on how to turn your roof top investment into an elegant and functional space with consistent profitability!