retractable restaurant patio decorated for christmas for year round use even in the snow

Outthinking the Outdoors

Cabrio Structures maximize your seating space and customer enjoyment!

Cabrio (a European word for Convertible or Open) independently opening roofs and walls allow you to protect your patrons when it’s too cold, too windy, too rainy, too … sunny. Now even your patio doesn’t have an excuse not to put in a good hard day of labor. If you’re not getting 10+ months of use from your patio, you might be throwing money to the wind. The average restaurant will have a Return On Investment (ROI) of 2-3 years.

still using the patio all year round even when there is snow on the ground in minnesota booking holiday event parties

restaurant patio at night with the roof closed

LEI ground level open roof header

Moctezuma's Seattle retractable patio structure open all year round

retractable roof for a year round patio in minnesota

Kilroys outdoor patio with retractable roof and opening walls