• Residential Concept: Skylight Retractable Roof

    A whole new meaning to “Open Concept” floorplan. This Cabrio Structure was designed to integrate into the house structure of a new construction build. The glass section is fixed, creating a clean and comfortable living room inside. The traditionally built roof above it can “retract” off the building, allowing for sunshine and an open feel […]

  • Innovative Hangar

    In 2011 Kent Forsland, owner of Cabrio Structures, lived on a private airpark. Most of the homes surrounding the landing strip had a metal pole building for a hangar, but his property didn’t have a hangar. Kent’s previous company, Designer Doors, designed doors and shutters to create Architectural Harmony™. The desire to create items that […]

  • Bloomington Residence, MN

    Solitude in the city. This Cabrio Structure is installed in the middle of a neighborhood, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. These homeowners have a sloped backyard filled with trees. A beautiful and private space that feels far away from other houses. They were looking for a way to enjoy this gorgeous space without diminishing […]

  • Midwest Pool House, MN

    A private oasis for fitness and health. When these Minnesota homeowners started looking into ways to stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors, they quickly realized there were challenges. In a Midwestern climate, the usability of outdoor spaces has a limited window. Building an indoor pool and exercise area would create a more functional space, but […]

  • Northern Wisconsin Hunting Retreat

    An open and sunny entryway. This Fixed Roof was designed to create a bright and sunny entryway, full of natural light. This hunting cabin is all about enjoying the beauty of the Wisconsin Northwoods. What better way to do that than with a Cabrio Roof System? The Northern Wisconsin Hunting Retreat uses: Peaked, Cabrio Fixed […]