Imagine being able to use your outdoor space 365 days a year, regardless of weather. Cabrio Structures enable you to do just that. We offer both Retractable and Fixed Roof options. Retractable Roof Systems allow the roof to open, maximizing fresh air and sunshine in your space. Fixed Roof Systems are lower cost but still allow natural light through their translucent panels. With either roof option, you can enjoy the flexibility of an Opening Wall System to get maximum enjoyment from your space.

Pitch Configuration: Peaked or Sloped

The pitch of the roof is dependent on the location and functionality of the patio from an existing building. A peaked roof is a roof where two or more edges slope to a ridge. This is a good solution for stand-alone patio structures.

A sloped roof is where one slope rises to a ridge, sometimes to meet an existing wall. This is a great patio solution when there is an existing structure, and the slope allows moisture to be carried away from the existing building.

Note: every Cabrio structure is unique and design-to-order to fit individual projects. Use these drawings and photos as examples and not accurate or exact options.