From community water parks to private backyard pools; 18-hole golf courses to mini golf courses, a Wood Frame Sliding Wall System can be a simple yet effective way to keep kids and kids-at-heart having fun outside.

It’s not fun (nor practical!) to wait and hope for ideal weather to promote and book your outdoor areas. If you are already experiencing the pinch of small spaces and the additional pressure during inclement weather, a Wood Frame Aluminum Clad Sliding Wall System can help you keep More Outside, More Often™.

Especially during northern holidays with wind and snow deterring kids and adults alike, indoor spaces can begin to feel quite confining. Keep your pool open or enclose a favorite outdoor retreat area with a Wood Frame Aluminum Clad Sliding Wall System.

The Wood Frame Aluminum Clad Sliding Wall System features a high-grade western pine, treated with a water-repellent preservative. A locking mechanism protects belongings. Decorative panel material options.


  • Simple & easy operation
  • Lightweight
  • No wasted interior/exterior space
  • Spans long distances
  • Design flexibility
  • Decorative panel material options
  • Screen option available
  • Security to protect against theft