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For the past 4 years Cabrio Structures has had a booth at the National Restaurant Association Show at the McCormick Place in Chicago, showing our restaurateurs examples of how they can generate additional revenue (sometimes by $8,000 extra per month!), develop peace of mind, protect and secure patio furniture and attract more customers as well as increase the number of returning customers.

If you haven’t met us in person yet, take a moment to explore our website, read our story, answer your FAQs, and view other restaurant success stories.

Change your relationship with your patio

1. 365 days. 12 months. Every year. Whether you recognize it or not, you lose money every day your outdoor patio is closed. Imagine earning the same revenue from your best patio days on the coldest, rainiest, windiest, hottest days of the year as well. This is what we specialize in: Outthinking the Outdoors™ and keeping your patrons on your patio.

2. Booking events months and years in advance. Birthday parties, anniversary parties, bridal showers, wedding receptions, wedding events — what if you could ensure a booking months and years in advance without having to worry about a back up venue? Your current patrons are booking their special events elsewhere, give them a new destination!

3. Worry-free patio management. How would it feel to be in complete control of the weather on your patio? You require everything else in your restaurant to be dependable; it’s time to start depending on your patio!

4. An irresistible, magnetic outdoor patio. Each Cabreeze™ generates huge buzz in the community; your restaurant will be written about in the newspaper and tweeted about online, friends will bring guests and your staff will love their work environment! Change is an amazing generator of buzz and energy, and will revitalize your restaurant.

What’s next?

Get your Free Estimate to find out what your Return on Investment (ROI) will be when you’re able to use your patio seats an extra 9 or 10 months out of the year.

To get your FREE Estimate, use your iPhone and snap a few photos of your site and text them to Rob (612) 940-0967 or email Or have someone in your service quickly run out and do this, and then send Rob your site’s measurements as well.

Once you know your predicted ROI and structure estimate, keep the ball rolling and take steps to utilizing your outdoor patio all year round by requesting a Design Proposal (DP).

Design Proposal includes:

1. Site Visit
2. Need Analysis
3. Uncover site installation and design issues
4. Meet with the city/municipality, building authorities, historical committees, and fire department to explain what might be applied for. This exposes concerns and issues before they become a problem.
5. Meet with the foundation subcontractor selected by you if foundation work is required as well as any other appropriate contractors, designer/architects you may want involved in the project.
6. Then provide:

a) A detailed proposal with all Cabrio Structure costs clearly defined and subcontractor costs estimated with allowances
b) Concept Images of the Cabreeze™ installed at your site
c) Project Timeline with estimated permitting, structural engineering, engineer drawings, fabrication, assembly, shipping, and installation time requirements.

This DP provides an excellent package of information for partners, bankers and other interested parties and the fee of $1,850 is credited towards the purchase price.

Hurry! We book our projects a few months in advance, so set up a call with us today if a Year Round Patio is on your radar!

Join us in Outthinking the Outdoors!