Cabrio retractable roofs are architecturally harmonious convertible structures designed to get the most use from outdoor spaces like swimming pools, restaurant patios, outdoor kitchens and more.

Homeowners: how would it feel to be able to use your swimming pool or patio all four seasons?

Restaurant owners: Would you profit from having your patio open two months earlier and 2 months later in the season? How about 365 days each year?

Envision being able to continue seating people on your patio or keeping your pool open even when the weather is snowy, sleety, rainy, windy, humid. Use your patio 365 days every year with an aesthetically pleasing heavy-duty retractable roof system. On perfect days, you can open your roof and let the breeze in and then close the roof for shade or rain cover. The Cabreeze™ can even be designed to hold a heavy snow-load.

Cabrio retractable roofs can be peaked or sloped (pitch configuration) and then either single-stacking or multi-stacking (stacking formation) and then either manually operated or operated with an automatic opener.

Pitch Configuration

Peaked or Sloped

The pitch of the retractable roof is dependent on the location and functionality of the patio from an existing building. A peaked roof is a roof where two or more edges slope to a ridge. This is a good solution for stand-alone retractable patio structures.

Peaked retractable cabrio structures roof

A sloped roof is where one slope rises to a ridge, sometimes to meet an existing wall. This is a great retractable patio solution when there is an existing structure and the slope allows moisture to be carried away from the existing building.

Minnesota year round patio even in the snow

Sloped retractable cabrio structures roof

Stacking Formation

Multi-Stack or Single-Stack

A multi-stack roof allows you to have a more than 50% open, retractable roof. It’s durable, snow-load certified, offers premium security for your patio furniture, UV protection, and allows all year round usage of the enclosed area.

When it’s important for you to have more than 50% of your roof open, the multi-stack option is a great choice. This choice also allows you to position your retractable patio structure against the side of a building.


multi-stack cabreeze


A single-stack roof will have an opening less than 50% at it’s widest. This roof is maintenance-free, offers premium security for your pool and patio furniture, UV protection for your guests, and allows all year round usage of the enclosed area.

If you’re in love with the look of a traditional eave overhang, this option is for you. Provide protection from the weather and match the architecture of your building.


Single Stack Cabreeze