Does cold or rainy weather keep shutting your patio down? Are you unable to utilize your outdoor space during the winter months?

Imagine the freedom of being able to control the weather on your outdoor space all year long. Cabreeze™ retractable roof is ultimate control. Or embed a Thermally Separated Cabreeze™ in your roof.

Cabreeze™, our hard top roof, is the more powerful roof system and can be designed to handle a heavy load of snowfall.

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Are small showers disrupting your outdoor spaces? Is intense sun burning your skin or causing you to squint all the time?

Envision having control over the climate and atmosphere on your patio! With the click of a button or a little tug a retractable roof covers your space, allowing your guests to stay outside and be comfortable. Keep the rain and your people outside.

Umbrel™ is our soft-top roof system, ideal for moderate climates and party tents.

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Both patent pending retractable or “convertible” roof styles offer choices in material, design and layout ranging in style, price and shape. No matter your particular situation, we’ve got you covered!