Each Cabreeze™ embraces the outdoors in Earth Friendly ways.

No emissionsenvironmental-friendly-1096x1091

No odors or volatile organic compounds (VOC) are emitted by the finished structure.


The structure itself does not generate or emit any sounds.

Efficient Lighting

The walls and roof provide a good source of natural light and reduce the need for electrical lightning. The polycarbonate panels for the roof are an energy efficient alternative to glass.


The panels offer a higher insulation value than glass and are 200 times stronger and lighter than glass. Therefore the structure required to hold the panels is considerably less than that for glass.

UV Protection

While the panels are translucent and can let in as much as 80% of the visible light, they provide UV protection blocking 99.5% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Efficient Installation

Minimal energy is required during the installation of the structure.

Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

A portion of the materials used in manufacturing the structure components have up to an 80% re-consumer recycled material content and all scrap is recycled.

Recycled & Recyclable

100% of our extrusions are made with recycled aluminum. Materials are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Energy Efficient, Thermal Comfort

Cabrio Structures’ Folding Aluminum Wall System is energy efficient, they provide LEED points for thermal comfort, recycled content and more.

1 – Optimize Energy Performance
EQ 6.2 Thermal Comfort
EQ 8.1 & 8.2 Daylight & Views
MR 4.1 & 4.2 Recycled Content