5001 S 34th Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55417


Pain Points

Weather. Al Vento Restaurants’s outdoor patio is a popular place to dine or have a drink after work in Minneapolis. But it didn’t stand a chance against rain or wind.


Al Vento Restaurant was seeking a 3-season patio structure, so their Cabreeze™ is a:


Increase in business. The buzz surrounding the new retractable patio at al Vento Restaurant delivered such an increase in business that the restaurant didn’t want a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Patrons are flocking to al Vento Restaurant even without the increased media coverage of a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

Increased profits. Since the retractable roof protects al Vento Restaurant’s patrons from the rain and the Sliding Wall System protects the guests from wind, the restaurant is experiencing an increase in profits.