Envious Spa Sanctuary

Comfortably located in your own home.

indoor pool




Comfort and freedom to enjoy your pool, patio or pergola all year round. Exhibit your car collection, your airplane, your prized toys in a climate-controlled globe in the cool or hot months and leave open during breezy, comfortable months.

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Consistent patio seating all year round means no turning guests away, no rebooking wedding events, and capitalizing on holiday events even if it snows. Or rains. Or gets very, very windy on a gorgeous summer day.

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Control Patio Wind

Frameless walls allow this restaurant to control the weather, without disturbing the view.

Frameless opening walls

Moerlein Lager House in Cincinnati, OH: “The frameless walls make controlling the weather easy and look good. A big upgrade from our previous plastic walls.”

“Breeze gaps” in the frameless wall systems control unruly winds, while still providing unrestricted views. The frameless wall system provide modest sound barrier as well.
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An unused, rainy restaurant patio in Arizona sparked a revolutionary napkin-drawn idea to create a convertible patio system

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outthinking the outdoors™

Whether your home or restaurant or resort is a traditional structure or modern phenomena, Cabrio Structures has a variety of design ideas to enable more enjoyment in the outdoors on your patio. Our products are ideal for both new construction and replacement during remodeling and renovation. We begin with a personal consultation to make sure you’re getting the right patio product for your home or restaurant, your geographic area, and your budget.

Cabrio Structures manufactures quality custom retractable roofs, opening walls for your patio or interior needs. Working with the unique architectural characteristics of each project, we design the perfect solution for your needs that give you peace of mind as well as enhancing beauty while adding modern function and security. From restaurant patios to residential homes; upscale hotels to golf courses; aquatic centers to city parks; shopping centers to health clubs, Cabrio Structures specializes in turning your seasonal spaces into four-season attractions so you can enjoy More Outside, More Often™. Read our story or find out how to get started.

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